Deadline for applications: June 23 2014

Free Press Unlimited and The African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting seek grant proposals to stimulate investigative reporting stories from Africa.

The aim of the FPU/ANCIR grant is to facilitate high quality investigative stories from Africa to appear in the Dutch and eventually in the European mainstream media and to strengthen partnerships between Dutch and African journalists on local, regional and international level.

Specific objectives

-To promote media coverage of global development issues with a special focus on Africa

-To promote in-depth and critical reporting on under covered issues related to Africa with a special focus on government and corporate responsibility

-To promote top-notch investigative reporting by encouraging exchange between Dutch and African journalists

Who can apply?

The beneficiaries are Dutch and African journalists who are employed by news organisations or journalists working independently or as freelancers.

-Applications must be submitted in pairs which consist of one Dutch and one African journalist.

-If you cannot find a partner to apply, we can match you with a journalist from another country.

Apply for a grant

-Dutch African Investigative Journalism Fund is open to all journalists working in the Dutch and African media

-Interested journalists should provide a short proposal stating the subjects they want to cover, the budget, time-frame, CV, two writing samples and a letter of motivation

-All entries should be written in English

-If the journalist is working for a news organisation, letter of intent from the editor to publish the story is required

-7 selected proposals will be awarded with a minimum amount of €1000 and a maximum amount of €5000 for Dutch and African journalist duos covering expenses related journalistic research such as travel, accommodation and when necessary equipment rental

-Successful applicants will be notified end of July 2014

-Successful applicants will receive half of the grant after signing a contract. Second half of the grant will be given only after the timely publication of the project work

-The investigative projects will be selected by an experienced, independent committee comprised of media professionals and journalists against the following criteria:

  • Relevance to both Geographical areas
  • Quality of plan
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Likeliness of publication
  • Effectiveness of co-operation

For more info: [email protected] (FPU) &[email protected] (ANCIR)

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